If you are looking for more than a cookie cutter template then Edutech Leaders LLC can design a template to reflect the exact look and feel you want to convey.  We have over four years experience in the field of web design focusing specifically on the requirements of educational institutions.  Some examples of our work can be found above.  For development work we put in a lot of effort to work together with clients to understand and clarify the project scope.  Thereafter, we adhere to a transparent, process-driven developement methodology:




Quality Analysis

Users Acceptance Testing





 If you are interested in this service please contact us.  Cost may vary depending on the scope and complexity of the web design whereby after the initial analysis and information gathering is complete we will provide an estimate.

Support Methods

Technical support is provided using several different methods; Online Helpdesk, Live Chat, Screen Sharing and Phone.

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Let us help you with: Sotware Installation, Settings & Configuration, Customization, Upgrades, Security Issues.

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GREAT customer service and tech support, with professional, yet personable service.

Great Solutions For Schools or Businesses

Google has just released a new service called Google Drive that is integrated with Gmail and in a way replaces Google Docs.

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Create screencasts of your lectures with GoView

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