EduTech Moodle

Individual Moodle Courses for Teachers

EduTechMoodle allows an individual teacher to create and offer 5 courses on a shared Moodle site. Information regarding the configuration of courses is maintained and regularly updated.

Data Security Services:

  • Daily back-up to a separate physical device to allow restoration of previous day’s Moodle site configuration.
  • SSL login to secure your user information

Value-Added Services:

  • Moodle Upgrades: CVS updates are included for all security-related concerns and all major (e.g., 1.8 to 1.9) releases.
  • Online Moodle Training are also available at a discounted rate for hosting clients.
  • Pro-rated pricing is available if an upgrade to a Sharing or Dedicated hosting account is needed within 1 year of ordering.
  • Technical support provided for each subscribed teacher via our secure Support Ticketing System.
  • Custom Moodle themes available in each course. Customization with your logo also available.
  • Annual Support contracts are also available at a discounted rate for hosting clients.




 Teacher Accounts


 User Accounts






 Technical Support


 Moodle Upgrades


 Unlimited Bandwidth


$149.95 /year





Support Methods

Technical support is provided using several different methods; Online Helpdesk, Live Chat, Screen Sharing and Phone.

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Let us help you with: Sotware Installation, Settings & Configuration, Customization, Upgrades, Security Issues.

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GREAT customer service and tech support, with professional, yet personable service.

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