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The upgrade process will irreversibly modify the contents of your database and your file storage area. If something goes wrong you cannot go back. It is vital that you take good backups of both data files and the database in case you have problems with the upgrade.

Do you want to risk an upgrade of your site and lose your teachers' documents? Our team have the experience of doing LMS upgrades and troubleshot the errors during the upgrades. If you contact us, we will analyze your system and give you a report with the following information:

  • Does you server has all the requirements to upgrade?
  • Will your server be fast enough to upgrade?
  • Can your plugins be upgraded?
  • Is your template compatible?
  • You will get this information and we will answer any question that you may have.

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We enjoy a well-earned reputation as a provider of the highest quality in Moodle Services. Discover how our expertise can provide both reliability and value.

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We offer great hosting solutions, training, administration support and usability support plans.

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