logoAs some may recall about two years ago I introduced a site called ScreenToaster that would allow you to record your screen and upload it all in a few clicks. Since that time ScreenToaster has gone offline and there hasn't really been anything comparable until now.

GoView is a Citrix product that is free and available now in beta. GoView does many of the same things as Screentoaster did but manages to go even further. One thing it does not do is record video from them webcam along with the screen.

The main similiarity between the two is simplicity. After signing up you do need to install a small application on your computer but once installed it sits quietly in your system tray and uses very little resources. All it takes is two clicks and you are ready to record.

Once finished recording it stores the video in the cloud where you can edit and share the video. You get a very generous 1 GB of storage space with which you can post as many or as few videos as you like. If you run out of space it is simple to export and download old videos to make room for more.

Once the video is made you can share the direct link via email or link in Moodle or you can embed the video directly into your Moodle course.

Check out the demo and sign up here.

Since this is produced by an established technology company I hope that it won't succumb to the fate of the start-up ScreenToaster.

*fingers crossed*

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